Service Six “Home Cleansings”

Have you ever walked into a house or apartment and immediately felt a desire to leave? You may even decide not to buy or rent an apartment because you did not like the “feeling” of the place. These are all symptoms of a need for a home cleansing.

Unfortunately, in our today’s society, home cleansing is not at the top of our to do list, but  back in the old days, home cleansing was as much part of everyday life as daily sweeping and cleaning, when our minds and souls were open to unseen energies.  I remember at a very young age, during summer vacation, my Grandmother would get up really early to clean the house. When she was done, she performed her own ritual by burning Sage leaves throughout the house. At that time I didn’t bother to ask why she did it; I always assumed it was part of the daily cleaning and did not pay much attention to it. All I knew was that if felt great being in her home and never wanted to leave. When I was old enough to understand, I asked her about this ritual and she responded, “I bless the house so that it can bless us and keep us safe.” She did not have to say more, I completely understood what she was talking about and continued the tradition.   It is still part of my daily life today.

We live in modern times. Times we can embrace the lessons handed down to us from our ancestors and combine them with the conveniences of modern life. From an eclectic viewpoint, we can help you stimulate positive energy flow into your home, and therefore, into your life.

You may think “cleansing my home is not necessary; my home feels fresh and organized.”  But let me ask you this… What happens when you stop cleaning your home how does your home feel? It feels pretty unpleasant, right? Now, think about the rooms in your house. What experiences and memories do you have in those rooms? Are they all happy moments or have you had arguments, felt angry or depressed? Maybe other people might have brought their negative energy into your home? What about those who lived there before you? How do we know what kind of energy they left behind? The possibilities are endless and even if you just moved into a brand new home, home cleansings, are still worth doing. The building site will have its own energy and the builders, plumbers, electricians and decorators will have left their personal emotions, moods and energy in your home.

Our suggestions derive from a combination of theories such as basic Feng Shui, Astrology and not to mention the power of incense, candles, and oils.  But before you are even open to the idea of a home cleansing, you must first begin with the physical cleaning of the house.  Whether you do it yourself or you have us do it for you, it must be done. Once the physical cleaning is done, you are half way to creating a beautiful and loving home that you and/or your family can enjoy.

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May you and your home always be full of positive, productive, loving and healthy energy.


Yesenia Batalla