Q: Who will be in my home/office and for how long?

A: A crew of 2 or 3 highly trained people, one of them being the team leader, in uniform and supervised by our management staff. We often will do quality control checks with a supervisor doing an inspection of the work done in your home/office. The time we spend in a home/office is based on its size and condition. The time can be confirmed once the crew sees the condition of the house and/or office. In most cases the condition of the house is truly what determines how much time/attention the home/office needs. If you are working with a budget, you are welcome to give the crew a time limit. However, please keep in mind that when we are given time limits, there is a possibility that we might not be able to cover everything due to the condition/size of the home/office. It is very important that you let the crew know what it is most important to get clean (prioritize the work).


Q: What time will the YB Cleaning team be at my home/office?

A: Our normal work days are Monday – Sunday: 8am – 2:30pm (day Shift) and 4pm – 10:30pm (night shift). While in most cases it is not possible to give a specific time to be at your home, we will make every effort to meet your needs.


Q: How do I pay for my cleaning?

A: We accept

Payment for Initial service and/or on-call accounts are Due Upon Job Completion via phone with a credit card or check. You will receive the invoice via e-mail with payment receipt once we process your payment. Your card will automatically be charge should we not receive payment with in 3-days after the service date to avoid any penalties and/or late fees. Returned check or declined credit card transactions will automatically accrue a $25.00 payment returned fee. Please do not attempt to pay crew member(s) or discus rates, our crews are not up to date with rates or special promotions and they might give you the wrong information, payments must go through the main office only. Any payments received 3-days after the service day will accrue $25.00 late fee, per invoice, per month. All cancellations without a 24-48 notice will automatically be charged $65.00.

For existing customers (non-commercial) who already have an open account with us, you have 4-payment options.
1. Pay online with a credit card or IPN. IPN allows you to pay directly from your checking account to our checking, is fast, secure and easy.
2. Have a credit card on file to be charge automatically
3. Pay by phone with a credit card or check
4. Mail in your check to our P.O. Box 280253, Northridge, Ca 91328 (same day of service, to avoid a $25.00 late fee).
Please know that all payments are Due Upon Job Completion / Same day of Service. Accounts that are past due 30-days, will automatically be send to our collection agency. If you have any questions in regards to your invoice, rates or payments, please email or call our accounting department at accounting@ybcleaning.com


Q: What if I have questions about rates once the crew arrives, can I discuss rates with crew?

A: No, our crews are not up to date with of our rates or special promotions and they might not give you the correct information. Always call your account representative or our accounting department should you have any questions regarding rates.


Q: Do I need to be home?

A: It is not necessary to be home, in fact most of our customers are not home and we keep a copy of your key, code it and store it in our safe lock box. Apartment home residents can authorize entry by notifying the office at your property. However, if you are a first time customer, we encourage you to meet our crew and introduce them your home.


Q: What if I need something extra done, can l ask the crew directly or do I need to call the office?

A: For our on-going customers who have signed a service agreement, all special requests outside the service agreement must go through the office. You can call your account representative or email your request(s) to services@ybcleaning.com a day before your schedule appointment. Make sure you provide your name, account number and/or address. For our first time customers, who are starting with an initial/detail cleaning, please feel free to give any additional instructions/work directly to the crew leader.


Q: What if something is damaged when my home/office is cleaned?

A: We treat your home with the greatest care; however, should damage or breakage occur while we are cleaning your home, we will make every effort to have the item repaired, or replaced if it cannot be repaired. Insurance claims will be filed when appropriate. We are licensed, bonded and insured. YB Cleaning Services (YBCS) has a 24 hour warranty from the completion of the cleaning project. If we have missed an area, damaged or broken an item, please call us within that timeframe and we would be more than happy to come out and re-clean the area in question, repair or replace the item at no additional charge. Please note that the invoice will need to be paid in full before we can come out to replace, fix or re-clean the area and/or item in question. YBCS does not give monetary refunds, we would prefer to fix the issue in question, and use it as a training opportunity for our employees. Complaints filed after 24 hours of the completion of the project fall outside the warranty period and unfortunately cannot be covered. YBCS will not be held liable for repair or replacement of items broken or damaged due to pre-existing wear and tear, incorrect installation, assembly or usage. For instance, if a door handle is already loose and/or damage and in the process of cleaning it the handle brakes or comes off, YBCS will not be responsible. For more information about our 24 hour warranty policy, please email us at services@ybcleaning.com. YBCS can provide laundry services, however we accept NO responsibility for items damaged during this process. YBCS would highly recommend that the customer remove all dry cleaning items from anything you would like laundered by YBCS prior to our arrival.


Q: Will I always have the same team of people?

A: Unless someone is out sick or on vacation, you will have the same team. We will inform you on any changes we make with team leaders only.


Q: Do I need to provide any supplies or equipment?

A: For your convenience, equipment and normal supplies are provided by YB Cleaning. We would be pleased to accommodate you should you wish us to use your own preferred supplies. We use Safe Green products. For our full list of products, please call or e-mail us at services@ybcleaning.com


Q: What if I need to change or cancel a scheduled cleaning?

In the event of a cancellation without a 48-hour notice, a cancellation fee will be charged to the account (life emergencies or natural disasters do not apply). Should you decide to skip/cancel an appointment with notice, your next visit fee will be based on the occurrence of the following service, i.e. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. For example, if you selected a weekly service and you decide to skip/cancel a week, we will charge a bi-weekly rate vs. weekly rate on the following visit only. To avoid a cancellation fee, you can re-schedule the cancelled visit with in the same week of schedule visit.


Q: Do I need to sign an agreement to open an on-going account?

A: Yes, once we do the initial cleaning, your account representative is going to send you a proposal / service agreement which will need to be sign and sent back to us to start the on-going service (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). This agreement simply tells you what our crew is going to clean each visit, our terms, and our fees. This is not a yearly contract. In the event that the Agreement proves unsatisfactory, it may be terminated by a 15-day written notice by either party.


Q: Does YB Cleaning hire subcontractors or employees?

A: Both. All candidates/subcontractors go through a screening process before they are hired. We check references, background check.


Q. Do I need to pay a referral fee should I decide to hire one of Y.B.C.S. staff member(s)?

A: By hiring YB Cleaning Services, you agree not to hire a present or past YB Cleaning staff member introduced to you by YB Cleaning Services for any home-related services. If you do wish to employ such a staff member, our referral fee is $3,000.00